CNDE Directory

  • Al Qaseer, Mohammad Tayeb
    Research Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Office: 129 Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: 515-294-0089
  • Barnard, Dan
    Associate Scientist
    Applied Sciences II
    Phone: 515-294-8064
  • Bigelow, Timothy
    Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering & Mechanical Engineering
    Office: 255D Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: (515) 294-4177
  • Bond, Leonard
    Professor, Aerospace Engineering
    Office: 2245 Howe Hall
    Phone: 515-294-1055
  • Bowler, John
    Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Ceylan, Halil
    Professor, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
    Office: 401 Town Engineering Bldg.
    Phone: 515-294-8051
  • Chimenti, Dale
    Professor, Aerospace Engineering
    Office: 2345 Howe Hall
    Phone: 515-294-5853
  • Chiou, Chien-Ping Thomas
    Professor of Practice, Aerospace Engineering
    Office: 281 Applied Sciences II
    Phone: 515-294-0299
  • Collins, Peter
    Al and Julie Renken Professor in Materials Science and Engineering
    Office: 2220A Hooover
    Phone: 515-294-5127
  • Dayal, Vinay
    Associate Professor
    Office: Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: 515-294-0720
  • Dubberke, Jean
    Coordinator & Liaison for CNDE
    Office: Applied Sciences II
    Phone: 515-294-8152
  • Eisenmann, David
    Associate Scientist
    Office: 183 Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: 515-294-3292
  • Frishman, Anatoli
    Lecturer Physics & Astronomy
    Office: 210 Physics Hall
    Phone: 515-294-9361
  • Grandin, Robert
    Research Computing Systems Analyst
    Office: 129 Durham
    Phone: 515-294-9739
  • Holland, Stephen
    Professor, Aerospace Engineering
    Office: 225 Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: 515-294-8659
  • Ji, Yuan
    Research Scientist II
  • Koester, Lucas W.
    Associate Scientist
    Office: Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: 515-296-6566
  • Krishnamurthy, Adarsh
    Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Electrical and Computer Engineering (Courtesy)
    Office: 208 Lab of Mechanics
    Phone: 515-294-5568
  • Laflamme, Simon
    Associate Professor, Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering
    Office: 416A Town Engineering
    Phone: 515-294-3162
  • Li, Beiwen
    Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
    Office: 2092 Black Engineering
    Phone: (515)294-9226
  • Leifsson, Leifur
    Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering
    Office: 2231 Howe
    Phone: (515)294-6549
  • McBirnie, Susie
    Administrative Specialist
    Applied Sciences Complex II, Suite 151
    Phone: (515) 294-5813
  • Meeker, William Q.
    Distinguished Professor, Statistics
    Office: Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: 515-294-5336
  • Nakagawa, Norio
    Senior Scientist & Adjunct Professor, Aerospace Engineering (Retired)
    Office: 181 Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: 515-294-9741
  • Qin, Hantang
    Assistant Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
    Office: 3019 Black Engr
    Phone: 515-294-1248
  • Roberts, Ron
    Senior Scientist & Adjunct Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering
    Office: 131 Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: 515-294-9743
  • Sansgaard, Cheryl B
    Program Coordinator
    153 Applied Sciences Complex II
  • Schafbuch, Paul
    Associate Professor of Practice, Mechanical Engineering

    Office: 2034 Black Engr.
    Phone: 515-294-6086
  • Song, Jiming
    Professor in Electrical Engineering
    Office: 2130 Coover
    Phone: 515-294-8396
  • Utrata, Dave
    Associate Scientist
    Office: Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: 515-294-6095
  • Wendt, Scott
    ISU Radiation Safety Officer
    Office: 1122 Envrn Hlth Sfty
    Phone: 515-294-3314

  • Zhang, Zhan
    Associate Scientist
    Office: 275 Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: 515-294-9768
  • Zoughi, Reza
    Kirby Gray (Battelle) Chair in Engineering
    Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE)
    Director, Center for Nondestructive Evaluation (CNDE)
    151A Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: (515) 294-5704