Holland, Stephen

Thermal Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) and NDE Data Integration

Physics and modeling of vibrothermography crack heating

  • Modeling of excitation, vibration, crack heating, and heat flow processes (VibroSim simulator)

Model-based inversion for flash thermography

  • Improved quantitative analysis to map out delaminations and subsurface topography

Spatial NDE data registration and integration

  • Recording NDE data in CAD context
  • SpatialNDE2 open-source package

Stephen Holland

Stephen HollandStephen D. Holland

Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering sdh4@iastate.edu Academic department profile

Funded Research Sponsors

  • NASA, AFRL, FAA, Pratt and Whitney, EPRI & others
  • Multiple SBIR & STTR with several small businesses
  • Phase I & II (Air Force, Navy, NASA)


  • Flash Thermography, Vibrothermography, NDE of Composites, NDE Modeling

Selected papers

  • S. Holland, and B. Schiefelbein, Model-based inversion for pulse thermography, Exp Mech 59(4) 413–426 (2019).
  • S. D. Holland, C. McInnis, R. Radkowski, and A. Krishnamurthy, NDE Data Analysis and Modeling in 3D CAD Context, Materials Evaluation 2020 (In press).
  • S. D. Holland, C. Uhl, Z. Ouyang, T. Bantel, M. Li, W. Q. Meeker, J. Lively, L. Brasche, and D. Eisenmann, Quantifying the Vibrothermographic Effect, NDT&E Intl. 44(8) 775-782 (2011)