Roberts, Ron

Ultrasound Nondestructive Evaluation

Computational Simulation of Ultrasound Measurements

  • Analytical methods for elastic wave field propagation and scattering
    • Short wavelength asymptotic analysis
  • Boundary integral formulation: computational Boundary Element Method (BEM)
  • Volume integral formulation: computational Volume Element Method (VEM)

Ultrasound Interaction with Complex Microstructure

  • Volume integral formulation and VEM for propagation and scattering in:
    • Single phase crystalline metal microstructures
    • Multi-constituent microstructures (multi-phase metals, CMCs)

Ultrasound Propagation and Scattering in Composite Materials

  • Ultrasound transmission in curved anisotropic laminates
  • Ultrasound scatter and attenuation in laminate microstructures

Multi-Mode Dispersion Compensated Guided Wave Inspection

  • High frequency guided wave inspection of structures
  • Data collection and processing for removal of multi-mode dispersion effects

Ron Roberts research

Ronald RobertsRon Roberts

Senior Scientist
Adjunct Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering

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Funded Research Sponsors

  • Pratt and Whitney, Honeywell, Rolls Royce, Boeing


Ultrasound NDE, Ultrasound simulation, Microstructure, Composites, Guided Waves


  • Patent No. 4987412 – “Method and Apparatus for the Simultaneous Display and Correlation of Independently Generated Images”
  • Patent No. 6138512 – “Method and Apparatus for Determining Source Location of Energy Carried in Form of Propagation Waves through a Conduction Medium”
  • Patent No. 6601451 – “System and Method to Provide Material Property Measurement Using Re-Entrant Ultrasound”
  • Patent No. 7739899 – “Leak Detection Using Structure-Born Noise”