Collins, Peter

Materials State, Materials Characterization and Additive Manufacturing

Modeling structure-property relationships

  • Predict material properties and their statistical distributions given microstructure and composition
  • Design allowable predicted to <1% (yield strength), 3% (ultimate strength), and 5% (fracture toughness)

New Materials Characterization Methods

  • Large area microstructure state characterization, including spatially resolved acoustic spectroscopy (SRAS) for orientation and texture analysis – via a partnership with Univ. of Nottingham
  • Defect density concentration across length scales

Additive Manufacturing / Physical Metallurgy

  • Fundamental studies of the influence of processing on the resulting material state (chemistry, microstructure, texture, and anomalies)
  • All metallic processes, independent of scale

Pete Collins research
3D materials characterization / additive manufacturing across length scales

Peter CollinsPeter C. Collins

Al and Julie Renken Professor in Materials Science and Engineering Collins Research Group website Academic department profile

Funded Research Sponsors

  • NSF, DoE, ONR, Air Force & others
  • Multiple industrial partners
  • DoD-sponsored SBIR


  • Physical metallurgy, materials characterization, electron and photon microscopy, modeling, nonferrous structural alloys

Recognitions, Awards & Patents

  • Henry Howe Medal, ASM
  • Champion Mathewson Award, AIME and TMS
  • Teaching and research awards at ISU and UNT
  • Several patents under review