Sheidaei, Azadeh

Integrated Computational Material Design Laboratory

Research Focus 

  • Generating virtual database of the material’s microstructure
  • Establishing numerical techniques to homogenize microstructure to obtain physical properties such as stiffness, strength, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, permeability, degradation, and piezoelectric.
  • Material informatics and application of scientific machine learning for structure properties links
  • Design and optimization of the printable metamaterial

Selected Publications

  • Linking properties to microstructure in liquid metal embedded elastomers via machine learning, AT Anantharanga, MS Hashemi, A Sheidaei– Computational Materials Science, 2023
  • Programmable Bidirectional Mechanical Metamaterial with Tunable Stiffness and Frictional Energy Dissipation, A McCrary, MS Hashemi, A Sheidaei – Advanced Theory and Simulations, 2022
  • A new statistical descriptor for the physical characterization and 3D reconstruction of heterogeneous materials, A Bagherian, S Famouri, M Baghani, D George, A Sheidaei, Transport in Porous Media, 2022
  • 3-D microstructure reconstruction of polymer nano-composite using FIB–SEM and statistical correlation function, A Sheidaei, M Baniassadi, M Banu, P Askeland, LT Drzal- Composites Science and Technology, 2013

Azadeh Sheidaei

Assistant Professor in Aerospace Engineering

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Funded Research Sponsors

  • Federal Funding – NASA, NSF, AFRL
  • Internal Funding – Iowa State University
  • Industry: KARAX LLC