Affiliated Faculty and Scientists

  • Dayal, Vinay
    Associate Professor
    Office: 2353 Howe Hall
    Phone: 515-294-0720
  • Grandin, Robert
    Research Computing Systems Analyst
    Office: 129 Durham
    Phone: 515-294-9739
  • Heindel, Ted
    Bergles Professor of Thermal Science
    Professor of Mechanical Engineering
    Director, Center for Multiphase Flow Research and Education (CoMFRE)
    Office: 2644 Howe
    Phone: 515-294-0057
  • Krishnamurthy, Adarsh
    Associate Professor
    Mechanical Engineering
    Electrical and Computer Engineering (Courtesy)
    Office: 208 Lab of Mechanics
    Phone: 515-294-5568
  • Laflamme, Simon
    Associate Professor
    Civil Engineering
    Office: 416A Town Engr.
    Phone: 515-294-3162
  • Li, Qing
    Assistant Professor
    Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
    Office: 3031 Black Engr.
    Phone: 515-294-4867
  • Pramanik, Manojit
    Associate Professor
    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
    Office: 115C ASC II, 2129 Coover Hall
    Phone: 515-294-3826
  • Sheidaei, Azadeh
    Assistant Professor
    Aerospace Engineering
    Office: 2337 Howe Hall
    Phone: 515-294-2956
  • Wendt, Scott
    ISU Radiation Safety Officer
    Office: 1122 Envrn Hlth Sfty, 277 Applied Sciences Complex II
    Phone: 515-294-3314