Zoughi, Reza

Microwave & Millimeter Wave Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE)

Real-Time, High-Resolution Imaging System Development

  • Novel, 3D, high-resolution & portable microwave camera

Evaluation of Layered Composite Structure

  • Accurate evaluation of complex dielectric & thickness properties of layers in a complex structure (e.g., aircraft radome, fiberglass structures, corrosion, etc.)

Materials Characterization

  • Evaluation of chemical & physical properties of materials used in civil, transportation, space & aerospace environments
  • Cure-state monitoring & evaluation of material degradation

Millimeter Wave Imaging & Diagnoses of Human Skin

  • Evaluation of degree of burn & monitoring skin graft and wound healing process through medical dressing
  • Early detection of skin cancers
Reza Zoughi research
Real-Time, 3D & High-Resolution Imaging Systems for a Myriad of Applications

Reza ZoughiPoC: Reza Zoughi

Kirby Gray (Battelle) Chair in Engineering

Academic department profile

Funded Research Sponsors

  • NSF, USDoT, DoE, FHWA, NASA (MSFC, LaRC), ONR, Army, Air Force & others
  • Boeing, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, EPRI, Michelin, FSE, GE, others
  • Multiple DoD-Sponsored SBIR & STTR Phase I & II (Air Force, Army, Navy, NASA & others)


  • Imaging, Materials Characterization, Composite Inspection, Skin

Recognitions, Awards & Patents

  • Fellow, Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
  • Fellow, American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT)
  • IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award in Instrumentation & Measurement
  • American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Research Award for Sustained Excellence
  • Multiple teaching awards at CSU and MO S&T
  • 20 issued US patents, several international & several pending

https://youtu.be/RE-PPXmtTeA (Video of 3D Real-Time Camera)
Object detection news story and video