Chiou, (Chien-Ping) Thomas

Ultrasonic and Infrared (Terahertz, FTIR) Nondestructive Evaluation

Ultrasonic Inspection, Modeling and Simulation

State-of-the-art ultrasonic flaw response and grain scattering models and simulation software for ultrasonic inspection of Titanium and Nickel alloys

Terahertz Imaging and Evaluation of Dielectric Materials

Real-time terahertz time-domain imaging and evaluation of various plastics, composites and ceramic coating with high temporal and spatial resolutions

Model-Assisted Machine Learning/AI for NDE Data Processing

Leading-edge multi-dimension data processing techniques using machine learning/AI and assisted by physical models for ultrasonic and terahertz NDE applications

Soil Nitrate FTIR Sensing System for Precision Fertilizer Management

A field mobile soil nitrate sensor system using Fourier-transform infrared technology to facilitate precision fertilizer management and to enable high-throughput cultivar screening for agriculture applications (being developed by ISU startup N-Sense, LLC)

Chiou research

Thomas ChiouChien-Ping Thomas Chiou

CNDE Professor of Practice, AerE Academic department profile

Funded Research Sponsors

  • Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, AREVA, EPRI,
  • Hemlock Semiconductor, IHI, NYSEARCH/NGA
  • ONR SBIR Phase II; NSF SBIR Phase I


  • Ultrasonic modeling and simulation, terahertz and FTIR spectroscopy and imaging, precision farming sensor

Recognitions, Award and Patent

  • Top 20 startup (N-Sense LLC) featured in University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Showcase, APLU & AAU
  • Faculty grant award, American Society for Nondestructive Testing
  • US patent issued for Soil Nitrate Sensing System for Precision Management of Nitrogen Fertilizer Applications