Ultrasonic (50kHz to 50MHz)

  • Portable single probe and phased array flaw detectors and EMAT system
  • Air-coupled pulser/receivers and probes
  • Pulsed fiber laser system
  • High power amplifiers for nonlinear applications
  • 8 scanners with 2-6 axis positioning, single/dual probe and phased array use
  • Acoustic emission systems, portable 2 channel and Lab 8 channel
  • Assortment of commercial probes.

Eddy Current (1Hz-110MHz)

  • Impedance analyzer to 110MHz
  • Gain-Phase analyzer to 40 MHz
  • Lock-in amplifier to 5 MHz
  • Portable EC instruments for education
  • 350 MHz Bandwidth 2.5 GS/s high-definition oscilloscope
  • 2 scanners with 4 axis positioning, one scanner with 2 axis positioning, largest scan volume 12” x 12” x 8”
  • Assortment of commercial and in-house built probes
  • Microscope and automatic coil winding machine

Microwave & Millimeter Wave

  • Several network analyzers (VNA and PNA), benchtop and portable up to 325 GHz
  • Signal generators (up to 67 GHz) and spectrum analyzers (up to 110 GHz)
  • Assortment of in-house built probes/heads (150 GHz)
  • Several scanners with 2-axis (Cartesian and cylindrical) positioning for imaging and materials characterization experiments


  • Thermovision IR camera and echo thermography system
  • Laser vibrometers and sensor head controllers
  • Branson power supply and actuator
  • Signal amplifiers and data acquisition systems

Terahertz (THz)

  • Teraview time domain scan system (.05-4 THz, 3GHz resolution)
  • Teraview continuous wave (.05-1.8 THz, 100MHz resolution) point measurement system
  • Exoscan (20-120 THz, 120 GHz resolution) FTIR instrument
  • Agilent (0.6-240THz, 1.8GHz resolution) FTIR instrument

X-Ray Radiography and Tomography

  • X-Ray vault with 4-axis positioning, CMOS flat panel detector with a 225kV microfocus tube, and a gantry X-ray system with a motion bench, a 160kV minifocus tube and a linear diode array detector
  • X-Ray vault with 320kV high energy x-ray diffraction unit
  • X-Ray cabinet with 4-axis positioning, 130kV microfocus tube, and a Digital Detector Array and photon counting detector (XC-Thor)
  • X-Ray cabinet with 4 and 5-axis positioning, image intensifier, flat panel detector, 160kV minifocus and 150kV microfocus tubes.

Ground Penetrating Radar

  • Portable pulser/receiver system with encoded wheel cart and data collection system, single or dual probe operation
  • Probe Frequencies of 200, 400, 900, 1600 and 2600 MHz


  • LTI-2100 Compact Digital Shearography Camera with tripods for field application

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

  • UV light sources for quantitative measurements
  • Fluorescence stereo microscope
  • Equipment for cleaning, coating, drying samples

Magnetic Particle Testing

  • Magnaflux MPI system wet bench, with fixturing and yokes
  • Current monitoring system
  • Light sources and meters for qualitative measurements

Mechanical Testing Equipment

  • 2 Servo-hydraulic Load frames, 22kip tension/compression, 10k ft-lb torsion
  • Impact/Drop tower, 102Joule max. impact energy

Other Equipment

  • High power production laser for powder melting in 3D printer
  • Fiber Bragg Interrogator
  • Raise Pro2 3D printer for fixture/sensor mount fabrication, print volume of 1 ft3
  • On-site machine shop with vertical mill, gearhead lathe, saws, grinders and drill press
  • EDM for crack starter notching
  • Microscopes
    • Nikon Epiphot 200 (Metallurgical) 50-500X with Leica USB Camera and software
    • Leica Stereo 8-100X with Leica USB Camera and software
    • Olympus Stereo 7.5-64X