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The functions of NDE include defect detection, materials characterization, process sensing, and a wide range of measurement sciences.  Through participation in the membership program, corporate sponsors guide the direction of CNDE research in these areas, with the end objective being the transfer of results to meet industry needs.  Some of the mechanics for this transfer are shown in the figure below. Since its beginning in 1985, the IUCRC program has doubled in size with a consistent sponsorship since the late 1980s.  Key elements of the programs that provide the foundation for this transfer follow:

  • Understanding inspection physics: CNDE staff includes recognized experts in all the major NDE disciplines including electromagnetics, radiography, ultrasonics, magnetics, penetrants, and magnetic particle methods.

  • New inspection concepts: Advances in materials and changes in design methods continually place new demands on NDE technology.  Through an extensive equipment base and theoretical understanding, CNDE staff is quite skilled at developing new inspection concepts.

  • Prototype instrumentation and software: Transition of the tools from a university laboratory to practical industry use often requires development of an instrument or software.  CNDE staff is skilled in such developments and favorable licensing arrangements are made with members of the IUCRC program.

  • Inspection simulators and probability of detection: CNDE is a world recognized leader in the development and application of inspection simulation tools which are useful in design and optimization of an inspection.  ISU capability is unique in that it enables consideration of part geometries, material property effects, inspection system parameters, and reliability.  Research grade simulation codes are directly available to IUCRC sponsors.

  • Education programs: Transfer of knowledge through education and training programs represents a critical mission of CNDE.  Typically 60 to 70 students participate in research programs with numerous education initiatives in place to assist in NDE training at all levels.  Many of our graduates enter productive careers at sponsoring organizations.


For information on becoming a sponsor:

Peter Collins, Director
Center for NDE
111 Applied Sciences Complex II
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