John C. Aldrin

Research Computing Systems Analyst

High Performance & Research Computing Group


  • NDE Modeling and Simulation
  • NDE Assisted Data Analysis (ADA) and AI/ML Inverse Methods in NDE
  • NDE and SHM Reliability Assessment and Model-assisted Probably of Detection (MAPOD) Evaluation
  • NDE 4.0 (Digital Twin)
  • Technology Transition

Recognition and Awards

  • Fellow, American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT)
  • NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) Engineering Excellence Award (2009)
  • 2010 TTCP (The Technical Cooperation Program) Team Achievement Award (for Model-Based Methods for Reducing Cost Associated with POD Studies)
  • Associate Technical Editor of Materials Evaluation (since 2013) and Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation (since 2022)

Selected publications

  • Aldrin, J., Achenbach, J. D., Andrew, G., P’an, C., Grills, B., Mullis, R. T., Spencer, F. W., Golis, M., “Case Study for the Implementation of an Automated Ultrasonic Technique to Detect Fatigue Cracks in Aircraft Weep Holes,” Materials Evaluation, Vol. 59, n 11, pp.1313-1319, (2001). [Best paper award, 2001].
  • Aldrin, J. C., Knopp, J. S., “Crack Characterization Method with Invariance to Noise Features for Eddy Current Inspection of Fastener Sites”, Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Vol. 25, n 4, pp. 165-181, (2006).
  • Aldrin, J. C., Blodgett, M. P., Lindgren, E. A., Steffes, G. J., and Knopp, J. S., “Scattering of obliquely incident shear waves from a cylindrical cavity”, Journ. Acoust Soc. America, 129, pp. 3661-3675 (2011).
  • Aldrin, J., C., Forsyth, D. S., and Welter, J. T., “Design and Demonstration of Automated Data Analysis Algorithms for Ultrasonic Inspection of Complex Composite Panels with Bonds,” QNDE, Vol. 1706, p. 120006, AIP Publishing, (2016).
  • Aldrin, J. C., “Intelligence Augmentation and Human Machine Interface Best Practices for NDT 4.0 Reliability”, Materials Evaluation, 78 (7), (2020) pp. 869-879. DOI: 10.32548/2020.me04133.

John C. AldrinJohn C. Aldrin

Affiliated Research Scientist
Computational Tools


B.S. Mechanical Engineering (1994, Purdue University)
M.S. Mechanical Engineering (1996, Purdue University)
Ph.D. T.A.M. (2001, Northwestern University)

Provided Services:

USAF/AFRL (Visiting Scientist since 2001), UTC/Arctos, NASA (Member of NESC NDE NDT), SAIC, Mistras, TRI Austin, Victor Technologies, Radiance Technologies, Intelligent Automation, BP, Iowa State University, Vibrant Corp., KBR, Southern Research/Kratos, Orbital Transports, Transtek.