New Terahertz continuous-wave spectrometer acquired by CNDE

Center for Nondestructive Evaluation (CNDE) has just acquired a new terahertz (THz) continuous-wave (CW) spectrometer, manufactured by Bakman Technologies (  This spectrometer employs precisely-tuned, fiber-coupled semiconductor lasers, photo-mixing source and detector, and digital control hardware and software to provide a fully turnkey THz spectroscopic system.  Starting at a minimum of 75 GHz, it can sweep over 1.8 THz bandwidth in a single scan. The best frequency resolution of 100 MHz is a significant improvement over the existing THz pulsed systems.  The CW nature of the photo-mixing source efficiently concentrates the THz power at the frequency of interest, yielding excellent signal-to-noise ratios (S/N) up to 70 dB across the scan range.  The system is also portable, lightweight, and compact with book-size footprint, as shown.

The addition of this new CW THz system will further enhance CNDE’s capability in THz spectroscopy for material characterization in a number of areas including: the automotive, aviation, food, energy, materials, pharmaceuticals, medical diagnosis, forensics, defense, homeland security, and additive manufacturing (AM).