Fellowship Application Criteria

1.0 Submission Timeline:

Fellowship awards are based on an academic year schedule (starting with the Fall semester). However, students planning to register for Spring semester or Summer session can apply for the previous academic year cycle. In such cases, the award will be pro-rated. Detailed application submission schedule is provided in Section 6.0. 

2.0 Fellowship Amount:

Each award is for $5,000 for a period spanning Fall and Spring semesters (academic year) and the following summer session. The disbursement will be according to the following: $2,000 for each of the Fall and Spring semesters and $1,000 for the Summer session. This amount may change based on the projected availability of funds. 

3.0 Application Requirements:

The following information must be provided by an applicant for consideration of these Fellowships. Any incomplete application will be returned without consideration. No late applications will be considered. An application form for each Fellowship (Thompson or Trapp) is available requiring the following information: 

  1.  Student name, address, degree pursued, start date and expected date of degree completion, full-time or part-time, citizenship information (US citizenship required for Trapp), etc. 

  2. Relevant transcript – current degree program or if a starting graduate student, previous degree transcript – a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher is recommended. 

  3. Statement of demonstrated financial need on the Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Go to https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa to complete the FAFSA and view and submit your SAR after the FAFSA is filed. For the Thompson Fellowship only – International Students (are unable to complete a FAFSA) please submit a paragraph describing your financial hardships. 

  4. A CV, no more than 3 pages, listing additional information, such as: professional activities, internships, Co-Ops, list of published papers and conference proceedings, scholarships, fellowships, other awards, etc. 

  5. Advisor (current or prospective) contact information and information on research appointments at the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation (CNDE). 

  6. A no more than 500-word statement of interest, academic/professional goals and current or expected engagement in NDE research at CNDE 

  7. Letter of recommendation from the advisor (current or prospective), which must specifically address nominee’s research appointment at CNDE (as per the requirements of the fellowship), see eligibility criteria below* and include the number under which research eligibility criteria is met.

  8. One additional letter of recommendation (required only for the initial application and not required for a renewal application)

  9. Agree to present student poster at a CNDE Industry Advisory Board meeting (unless dissemination of the work is contractually restricted.)

  10. Signed Fellowship application

4.0 Fellowship Continuation:

Prior to disbursement of funds and at the start of each semester (or Summer session), CNDE office queries the student recipients’ departments to ensure enrollment, and verifies: i) CNDE research appointment, again and ii) that OSFA has assessed the student continues to have a demonstrated financial need. 

5.0 Award Renewal Criteria:

The Fellowships shall be renewed under the following conditions: 

  1. The student continues to pursue the same graduate degree in one of the academic units within the College of Engineering (Trapp only), and has a continued (paid or unpaid) research appointment at the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation (CNDE), see eligibility criteria below*. 
  2. The student continues to make good progress towards his/her graduate degree requirements as demonstrated by cumulative GPA, research progress and achieved outcomes 
  3. A letter of (continued) support and progress assessment by the student’s major academic advisor 
  4. The student remains a US Citizen (Trapp only) 
  5. Should a break in attendance at ISU occur (e.g., summer internship, personal reasons, etc.) the awardee does not lose future renewal eligibility, if the break was pre-communicated to the student’s major academic advisor and the CNDE office. 
  6. Availability of funds 

6.0 Fellowship Application Submission Due Dates and Announcement Timelines:

CNDE office creates, publicizes and updates all relevant information, application forms, deadlines, etc. on the Fellowship page of its website. Additionally, this information will be shared by the College of Engineering so that it can be posted on its website as well. 

  1. First announcement on May 10, with a follow-up reminder on June 1 for applications for the upcoming academic year and the following Summer session or Fall semester only – application (hard) due date July 1. 
  2. First announcement on October 1, with a follow-up reminder on October 15 for applications for the Spring semester and the following Summer session – application (hard) due date November 1. 
  3. First announcement on March 1, with a follow-up reminder on March 15 for applications for the upcoming Summer session only – application (hard) due date April 1 
  4. The renewal application due dates shall follow the same timeline 

*Research appointment eligibility criteria – one of the following must apply: 

  1. A student is currently funded on a CNDE-administrated (i.e., through CNDE) research project, or 
  2. a student who has been on a CNDE research appointment during a period within the most recent academic year, or has been on a TA appointment in that span due to gap in CNDE research funding, or is a new student who is appointed as a TA in a department, is eligible so long as the student is engaged in research with one of the closely-aligned/associated CNDE faculty members on a clearly NDE-related research project, or 
  3. a closely-aligned/associated CNDE faculty member has a pending proposal (through CNDE) that they plan to put the student candidate on when/if funded, and the disposition of the proposal is to be determined during the immediate term (Fall, Spring or Summer) following the submission of the Fellowship application, then the student is eligible for that term only, or 
  4. a student was on a CNDE research appointment during the immediate previous term (Fall, Spring or Summer) and is graduating at the conclusion of the next immediate term, the student is eligible for than one term only, or 
  5. a student has been on a CNDE research appointment in one of the previous terms (Fall, Spring or Summer) within the most immediate academic year, and will be appointed as a GRA through other sources (such as PI incentive) the student is eligible during the appointment.