Graduate Studies in Nondestructive Evaluation

Thank you for your interest in pursuing your graduate education in nondestructive evaluation at Iowa State University. There are three possibilities. One is a course-based graduate certificate that is available online.  The other two are research degrees (Master’s or Doctoral), that require a thesis to be developed, and are campus-based.

Course-Based Programs

Graduate Certificate in NDE Online

The graduate certificate in NDE consists of 13 credits of graduate coursework, available online.  For more information, click here.  Please note that all admissions materials should be sent to the Office of Admissions, Iowa State University.

Online graduate certificate FAQs

Thesis-Based Programs

At the present time Iowa State University does not offer masters or doctoral programs in the discipline of nondestructive evaluation.  You may, however, pursue a thesis-based MS or PhD degree in a traditional engineering discipline such as aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, engineering mechanics, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering etc with a research project that is focused on NDE.  To do this you should apply for admission to one of the engineering programs and look for a major professor within that program who conducts research in NDE.  You may contact individual professors to find out if they are planning to hire new students into their research groups but please do this only if you have a very definite interest in working with that professor – professors are busy and cannot respond to poorly targeted requests.

Master of Science (MS)*

Each engineering program has its own specific set of requirements for the MS degree.  Typical requirements are 20 credits of coursework and 12 credits of research.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)*

Each engineering program has its own specific set of requirements for the PhD degree.  Typical requirements are 36 credits of coursework and 36 credits of research.

* This information is provided for general guidance and is not specific to any particular program.