Kumar, Pulkit

Ultrasonic Scattering and Wave Propagation in Elastic and Complex Media

Shear wave propagation in a piezoelectric composite structure

  • Dispersion equations, Functionally graded piezoelectric material, porous-piezoelectric material, layered structure, interfacial imperfection

Green’s function for wave propagation due to impulsive source

  • Transversely isotropic porous layer, initially stressed composite structure, Green’s function, Fourier’s transform, Delta function

Wave propagation in an anisotropic spherical layered structure

  • Debye Asymptotic Expansion, Contour integration, Fourier-Legendre Expansion, Dispersion curves

Stresses Induced by a moving load in a composite structure

  • Moving loads, Poroviscoelastic, Pore pressure, Stress analysis, Shear stress, Structural analysis, Induced Stresses


  • Mathematical Modeling, Wave Propagation, Scattering, Smart Materials and Structures, Solid Mechanics, Additive Manufacturing

Achievements & Awards 

  • IIT Delhi Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  • CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences

Memberships in Scientific Organizations

  • Indian Science Congress Association, Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, The Indian Mathematical Society, Society of Applied Mathematics