John Bowler


Senior Scientist

, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Applied Science II
Electromagnetic NDE
Personal and Professional Goals:
  • Transfer to the Commercial Sector key NDE Innovations.
  • Development of Advanced Analytical Models that Account for Structure Related Singular Fields.
  • Expand Inversion Methods for Quantifying Flaws.
  • Efficient Computation of Electromagnetic Interactions in with Flaws in Ferromagnetic Steel.
  • B.S. Physics, University of Leicester (1971)
  • M.Sc. Science Education, University of Keele (1980).
  • Ph.D Physics, Rarefied Gas Dynamics, University of Surrey (1984).
Research Interests:

Electromagnetic methods of NDE and the properties of electrically conducting composite materials. The work on electromagnetic NDE focuses on new and improved inspection methods for detection of cracks and corrosion in aircraft and nuclear power plants, and theoretical/computational models to support developments in eddy current inspection hardware.

Selected Publications & Patents:
  • Theodoulidis, T. & Bowler, J.R., (2005) Eddy current coil interaction with a right-angled conductive wedge , Proceedings of the Royal Society, A, 461, 2062, 3123-3139.
  • Fangwei, F.,  Bowler, J.R., (2006) Transient eddy-current driver pickup probe response due to a conductive plate, IEEE Trans. Mag. 42, 2029-2037.
  • Bowler, J.R.,  & Theodoulidis, T., (2009) Boundary Element Calculation of Eddy Currents in Cylindrical Structures Containing Cracks, IEEE Trans. Mag. 45 1012-1015.
  • Lott, P., Bowler J,R., & Ji Y., (2014) Eddy Current Pipeline inspection Apparatus and Method. Patent Pending.