Ultrasonic and Composites

UCOMPO, an unofficial acronym for a group that does ultrasonic and composite research, was coined by one graduate student many moons ago. The group studies all aspects of inspection problems related to composite materials and structures. UCOMPO does laboratory research as well as development of practical inspection instruments. One development project that has gone through all the phases of technology transfer led to the Computer Aided Tap Tester (CATT). The group is currently developing a generic, free-hand scanner that can be integrated to various modalities of inspection, including ultrasound, eddy current, bond testing, etc. UCOMPO is interested in interacting with other researchers and practitioners of ultrasonics and users of composites.

Independent Study (AE490J) NDE Minor Students:

  • In the 2011 Fall semester, Samson D’Silva is working on “Ultrasonic NDT of metal-hybrid laminates” as a 490J project. He is studying the ultrasonic measurements of TiGr, Glare, Arall, and other materials, under the supervision of David Hsu.
  • In the 2010 spring semester, three undergraduate seniors are pursuing Independent Study (490J) in our group to satisfy their NDE minor requirement.
  • Andrew Patz – Studying air-coupled ultrasonic imaging in one-sided, pitch-catch configuration and the deconvolution of scan image. This project is supervised by David Hsu.
  • Aaron Green – Studying pulsed and continuous-wave terahertz radiation (“T-Ray”) as an NDE tool, including applications to composite materials and structures. This project is supervised by Thomas Chiou and David Hsu.
  • Chris Norby – Studying eddy current detection and imaging of cracks in complex metal structures such as rainbow joints of C130 wing. This project is supervised by Dan Barnard and David Hsu.
  • In addition, Michael Gerken is working on impact damage morphology of composite solid laminates using optical microscopy with support from an undergraduate research internship.

Recent Graduates:

  • CORY DEAN FOREMAN, M.S. degree, May 2008, thesis title: “Nondestructive Detection and Characterization of Damage in Honeycomb Composite Structures.” Now employed at Lockheed Martin in Houston, Texas.
  • ADAM HOWARD KITE, M.S. degree, August 2007, thesis title: “Nondestructive Evaluation of Carbon Fiber Wing Spar Using Air-Coupled Ultrasound.” Now employed at ATK Systems in Odgen, Utah.

Recent News:

  • After 27 years, David Hsu retired from CNDE and Iowa State in June of 2011. He now occupies himself in his newly found free time with fulfilling promises of writing book chapters, reviewing manuscripts for journals, giving seminars and workshops, and continuing his sideline occupation of free-lance translation of scientific and technical material from Chinese to English. He also goes back to CNDE a few hours a week to supervise an independent study project.
  • A post-doctoral visiting scientist from Turkey, Dr. Imran Oral, joined UCOMPO in August 2011. Dr. Oral received his Ph.D. in physics from Selcuk University in Konya, Turkey. He is supported by a scholarship from the Higher Education Council of the Turkish government and will be studying with Dan Barnard for one year in CNDE.