Graduate Study

Graduate study opportunities

We are alooking for new MS/MEng/PhD graduate students! Bright, self-motivated, students who are eager to learn and not afraid to get their hands dirty are always welcome in our group.

Vibrothermography is a fundamentally interdisciplinary technique, so prospective students from all relevant disciplines (Physics, EE, ME, Materials, CS, etc.) are encouraged to apply. We can offer research assistantships (subject to funding availability) and and teaching assistantships. These generally include stipends plus partial (Masters) or complete (PhD) tuition reimbursement.

For more information about graduate study opportunities in the thermography research group, please contact Professor Stephen D. Holland (please refer specifically to thermography so that Prof. Holland can distinguish your inquiry from spam). Additional information on graduate study is available from the College of Engineering (please fill out the Information Request Form) and from the Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics graduate programs. Graduate study in other departments may also be possible.