Schafbuch, Paul

Professor of Practice, Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 515-294-6086


2034 Black Engr.

Interest Areas


Flow-induced noise & vibration
Management of cross disciplinary design
Process control
Stress analysis

Personal and Professional Goals:

Business Development for CNDE Engineering Mechanics instruction and curriculum development

Selected Publications

Schafbuch, P.J. & Gassman, G.W. (1997) Controllers, final control elements, and regulators chapter of Perry’s Handbook for Chemical Engineers 7th Ed., McGraw-Hill. Schafbuch, P.J., Thompson, R.B., & Rizzo, F.J. (1993) Elastic scatterer interaction via generalized Born series and far-field approximations J. Acoustical Society of America 93 No. 1: 295-307 Schafbuch, P.J. & Kuhlman, C.R. (1996) Fluid control valve with attenuator and dynamic seal, US Patent #5,482,249