Meeker, William Q.

William MeekerWilliam Q. Meeker

Distinguished Professor, Statistics

Academic department profile


  • B.S. Industrial Management (1972, Clarkson)
  • M.S. Operations Research (1973, Union)
  • Ph.D. Administrative and Engineering systems (1975, Union)

Selected publications

  • Li, M., Holland, S. D., and Meeker, W. Q. (2010), Statistical Methods for Automatic Crack Detection Based on Vibrothermography Sequence-of-Images Data (with discussion). Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 26, 481-495.
  • Li, M., Meeker, W.Q., and Thompson, R.B. (2014) Physical Model-Assisted Probability of Detection of Flaws in Titanium Forgings Using Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation. Technometrics, 56, 78-91.
  • Koh, Y.M. and Meeker, W.Q. (2019), Quantile POD for Nondestructive Evaluation with Hit-Miss Data. Research in Nondestructive Evaluation, 30, 89-111.


  • Statistical methods
  • Probability of Detection (POD)
  • Model-assisted POD
  • Product reliability
  • Design of experiments

Personal & professional goals

  • Research in statistical methodology for engineering applications
  • POD in nonstandard situations
  • POD for SHM
  • Statistical support for CNDE