Laflamme, Simon

Smart Systems and Structures

Sensor Development

  • Sensing sking for monitoring strain over large areas.
  • Multifunctional, self-sensing materials (e.g., smart concrete & CFRP).

Structural Health Monitoring

  • Structural health monitoring systems linking data to decision.
  • Algorithms for dense sensor network-based monitoring.

Physics-Informed Modeling

  • Formulation of fast surrogates through injection of physical knowledge.
  • Physics-enhanced real-time machine learning.

High-Rate Systems

  • Sub-second sensor-based decision making.
  • High-rate prediction and adaptation.

Adaptive Systems

  • High-performance control systems.
  • Intelligent control algorithms.
  • Adaptive structures.

Simone Laflamme research
Smart materials, sensors, and decision systems for automated NDE

Simon LaflammeSimon Laflamme

Waldo W. Wegner Professor in Civil Engineering

Academic department profile

Funded Research Sponsors

  • Federal: NSF, AFOSR, AFRL, USDoT, DoE, FAA
  • State: Iowa DOT, CalTrans, Iowa Energy Center, IAWIND
  • Industry: ASNT, Applied Research Associates


  • Smart structures, smart systems, structural health monitoring, sensors, control

Recognitions, Awards & Patents

  • Early Achievement in Research, Iowa State University, 2017.
  • Early Career Engineering Faculty Research Award, Iowa State University, 2016.
  • Four US patents.

Video: sensing skin of soft-elastomeric capacitors (SECs) used to reconstruct strain fields in real time.