Koester, Lucas W.

Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE)

Microstructure Determination

  • Statistical inversion methods based on analytical models of ultrasonic systems and material systems for microstructural grain size determination

NDE Related to Additive Manufacturing

  • Novel methods including acoustic monitoring for process and damage state determination
  • Knowledge of methods applied to AM components and their limitations

Flaw Detection and Characterization

  • Direct image-based analysis and flaw inversion techniques for metals
  • Experience with diffusion bonded metals, microtextured regions (MTRs), porosity, and inclusions
  • Additional experience with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Thermography

Lucas Koester research

Lucas W. Koester

Associate Scientist

Funded Research Sponsors

  • Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (CNDE), Honeywell, IHI, & others


  • Ultrasound, Additive Manufacturing, Microstructure Characterization, Flaw Scattering

Activities and Key References

  • Co-Chair, Session on Additive Manufacturing, QNDE 2017-2019
  • “NDE for Additive Manufacturing”, Short Course Organizer, QNDE 2018
  • Koester, Lucas W., et al. “Nondestructive testing for metal parts fabricated using powder-based additive manufacturing.” Materials Evaluation76.4 (2018): 514-524.
  • Taheri, Hossein, et al. “Powder based additive manufacturing-A review of types of defects, generation mechanisms, detection, property evaluation and metrology.” Int. J. Addit. Subtractive Mater. Manuf 1.2 (2017): 172-209.