Frishman, Anatoli

Theoretical Physics and Applications

Pulsed thermography

  • Analytical solutions of heat conduction equation for curved anisotropic media – carbon fiber composite. (Solutions suited for very rapid numerical evaluation.)


  • Modeling the contact nonlinearity under vibration

Eddy current

  • Evaluation of conductivity profile. Novel method for impedance calculations.

Short peening

  • Evaluation of the relation between residual stress and conductivity profiles

Hall effect

  • Effect of tensile stress on the Hall effect in nickel-base superalloys and in stainless steel

Solid state physics

  • Statistical physics, magnetism, phase transitions, elasticity and sound, low dimensional systems

Selected publications

  • S. D. Holland, A. M. Frishman, A computationally efficient approximation to the Green’s function for heat conduction in curved anisotropic media. (In preparation for publication).
  • S. D. Holland, A. M. Frishman, and J. Taylor, Modeling of the Ultrasonic Welder/Specimen Contact for Vibrothermography, Presented at 46th Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation QNDE2019, (2019).
  • D. Kosaka, A. M. Frishman, and N. Nakagawa, Effect of Tensile Stress on the Hall Coefficient of Nickel-Base Super alloys, JNDE (2016)
  • R. Chandrasekar, A. M. Frishman, B. F. Larson, C.C.H. Lo and N. Nakagawa, Effects of Microstructure on Eddy Current Residual Stress Characterization of Shot Peened Inconel 718, JOM, 64 (2), 257-264 (2012).
  • Y. Shen, C. C. H. Lo, N. Nakagawa & A. M. Frishman, Residual Stress Profile Assessment by Eddy Current for Shot Peened Nickel Superalloy, Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, 29 (1), 1-13 (2010).
  • A. M. Frishman, Nonlinear Modulation Response Behind the Threshold of Parametric Resonance of Spin Waves, Sov. Phys. Solid Stat. 30, 2004 (1988).

Anatoli Frishman

Lecturer, Physics & Astronomy

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Heat conduction, Composite inspection, Vibrothermography. Eddy current. Shot peening. Hall effect. Parametric resonance. Phase transitions.


V. Dubenko, P. N. Leifer, and A. M. Frishman, Method of Measuring of Magnetic Permeability Components of Thin Magnetic Films, Author certificate (copyright) No. 1302227