Model-Assisted POD Working Group
Center for Nondestructive Evaluation


November 16, 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada

Meeting Minutes

File 1: Attendees

File 2: Agenda

File 3: Introduction - Overview (Lindgren)

File 4: Status of Demonstration Efforts (Lindgren)

File 5: Eddy Current MAPOD Efforts at Iowa State (Thompson)

File 6: Review of Brausch Variability Studies (Lindgren)

File 7: Update on International Efforts - National Research Council, Canada (Mandache)

File 8: Update on International Efforts - DSTO, Australia (Lindgren)

File 9: Update on International Efforts - Qinetiq, United Kingdom (Thompson)

File 10: Status of Totem Pole Issues - Summary (Forsyth)

File 11: Status of Totem Pole Issue - Current Status (Forsyth)

File 12: Statistical Approaches - Advanced Topics (Thompson)

File 13: Statistical Approaches - Steps Needed (Lindgren)

File 14: Statistical Approaches - Confidence Bounds to Model-Based Data (Thompson)