Model-Assisted POD Working Group
Center for Nondestructive Evaluation


June 9-10, 2005

Orlando, FL

Meeting Minutes (Files below are referred to in the minutes)

File 1: Agenda

File 2: Attendees List

File 3: List of Empirical Studies (I. Gray)

File 4: Coding Categories (I. Gray)

File 5: List of Model-Based POD Studies (Knopp)

File 6: Ultimate Repository of MAPOD Protocols (Spanel)

File 7: Proposed Protocol for XFN Approach (Smith)

File 8: Proposed Protocol for FMA Approach (Thompson)

File 9: Protocol Details (Thompson)

File 10: AF NDI POD Study (Lewis)

File 11: Discussion of Sandia Samples and Associated Data (Bode)

File 12: Discussion of POD Data Accessible at UDRI (Annis)