Model-Assisted POD Working Group
Center for Nondestructive Evaluation


February 4, 2005

Palm Springs, CA

Meeting Minutes (Files below are referred to in the minutes)

File 1: Agenda

File 2: Attendees List

File 3: Review of Current Status/Action Items (Thompson)

File 4: Charge to the Group (Malas)

File 5: Elements to be Included in MAPOD Protocol (Spencer)

File 6: Status of List of Model-Based POD Studies (Aldrin)

File 7: Update of the Repository of POD Protocols and Review of ASNT Sub-Group Meeting (Knopp)
            (No formal presentation was given at this meeting but reference was made to his presentation given
            at the November meeting in Albuquerque.  See Knopp Presentation)

File 8: Outline of General Steps of MAPOD Approach and Example of Application to Engines (Smith)

File 9: Updated Statement of Steps for FMA Approach (Thompson)

File 10: Discussion of Lap Splice Data Available at AANC (Swindell)

File 11: TESI POD Approach (Annis)

File 12: Comparison of Crack/EDM Notch POD Results for B1-B (Lindgren)

File 13: Discussion of Cracks Versus Notches (Thompson)

File 14: Future Directions (Marshall)