Lucas Koester

  • PostDoctoral

Main Office

Applied Science II
Ames, IA
Phone: 515-296-6566


  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering (2006 - UTPA)
  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering (2008 - UTPA)
  • Ph.D. Mechanical and Materials Engineering (2013 - UNL)

Interest Areas


Defect detection and characterization
Propagation in polycrystalline materials
Algorithm Development
Ultrasonic inspection

Personal and Professional Goals:

  • University-industry partnerships in research
  • Undergraduate/graduate student opportunities for research

Selected Publications

  • Koester, L., Zuhlke, C., Alexander, D., Fuller, A., Wilson, B. M., Turner, J. A. Near Race Ultrasonic Detection of Subsurface Defects in Bearing Rings. J. ASTM International, STP 1548, West Conshohocken, PA, 2012.
  • C. Tarawneh, L. Koester, A. J. Fuller, B. M. Wilson, and J. A. Turner. Service life testing of components with defects in the rolling contact fatigue zone. J. ASTM International, STP 1548, West Conshohocken, PA, 2012.
  • Hu, P., Kube, C. M., Koester, L., Turner, J. A., Mode-converted diffuse ultrasonic backscatter. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. Vol. 134, Issue 2, pp. 982-990 (2013).