Sunil Chakrapani

  • PostDoctoral

Main Office

Applied Science II
Ames, IA
Phone: 515-294-8654


  • Ph.D. Engineering Mechanics, Iowa State University, 2014
  • M. S. Engineering Mechanics, Iowa State University, 2011
  • B. E. Mechanical Engineering, Anna University, 2009

Interest Areas

  • Nonlinear and linear ultrasonics
  • Nondestructive Material characterization
  • Wave propagation in anisotropic media
  • Finite element modeling of wave propagation
  • NDE of aerospace structures
  • Composite materials

Selected Publications

  • S. K. Chakrapani, D. Barnard, V. Dayal, “Influence of fiber orientation on the inherent acoustic nonlinearity in carbon fiber reinforced composites”, J. Acoust. Soc. Am, accepted publication, Feb 2015.
  • S. K. Chakrapani, V. Dayal, D. Barnard, R. Krafka, A. Eldal, “ Nondestructive testing of wind turbine blades using air ultrasonics”, Materials Evaluation, accepted for publication, June 2015.
  •  S. K. Chakrapani, V. Dayal, “The interaction of Rayleigh waves with delaminations in composite laminates”, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. Vol. 135, Issue. 5, pp: 2646-265