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Schmerr, Lester

Professor Emeritus, Aerospace Engineering Email: Academic department profile  

Schafbuch, Paul

Professor of Practice, Mechanical Engineering Email: Phone: 515-294-6086 Office 2034 Black Engr. Interest Areas Expertise: Flow-induced noise & vibration Management of cross disciplinary design Process control Stress analysis Ultrasonics Personal and Professional Goals: Business Development for CNDE Engineering Mechanics instruction and curriculum development Selected Publications Schafbuch, P.J. & Gassman, G.W. (1997) Controllers, final control elements, and regulators chapter … Continue reading Schafbuch, Paul

Chimenti, Dale

Professor, Aerospace Engineering Email: Phone: 515-294-5853 Office 2345 Howe 537 Bissell Rd. Ames, IA 50011-1096 Academic department profile

Bowler, Nicola

Professor Materials Science and Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering (Courtesy) Center for Nondestructive Evaluation Email: Phone: 515-294-3202 Office 2220 Hoover 528 Bissell Rd. Ames, IA 50011-1096 Academic department profile

Bond, Leonard

Professor Email: Phone: 515-294-1055 Academic department profile

Barnard, Dan

Ultrasonic Materials Characterization, Nonlinear Acoustics and Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing